Incoming freshmen FAQs 2014

Do I have to attend the first day of class?

Yes. It is critical to attend all first day of classes; when many of the course materials, concepts and goals are introduced. You are required to attend the first class meeting of each class for which you are registered. Instructors have the option of dropping any student who does not attend the first class meeting. If you are unable to attend because of an emergency you must notify the instructor prior to the first class.

Do I have to purchase any course materials before the first day of class?

No, unless noted on the course description. The instructor typically hands out or announces a material list on the first day of class.

If I need to change my course schedule before the first semester begins, how should I go about it?

You should directly contact the Registrar’s Office 617-879-7272 or Academic Advising Office 617-879-7281 or 617-879-7282 for assistance, since faculty members and advisors are not always in campus before the semester begins.

Can I add or drop a course?

Yes. But when adding a course, you should first contact the instructor to make sure the class is not full. Also, showing up on the first day of class increases your chances of getting in. You may obtain an Add/Drop form from the Registrar’s office.

If I have questions about academics who should I talk to?

You should contact your faculty advisor first. If you need additional advising you may contact the Studio Foundation Academic Advisor, Prof. Marc Holland (

How can I find out the name of my faculty advisor?

You will meet your faculty advisor during Orientation. Also, the names of all freshman and their advisors will be posted outside the Studio Foundation’s Main Office on the third floor of the South Building.

I am commuter student. Is there a designated space where I can do my work?

Yes, there is a studio space located in the Artists’ Residence Building (campus map). You must contact Kyle Brock, Studio Manager, at 617-879-7530 or email, to register for a space.

I am commuter student. Is there a place where I can securely leave my art materials and my work?

Yes, you can request a locker. Contact Kyle Brock, Studio Manager at 617-879-7530 or email to place your request.

Do I need to purchase my own computer now?

No. But you will need a flash drive with a minimum capacity of 4GB or an external drive to store your digital work. The Studio Foundation Department and the College provide access to computers during Visual Language class and open lab hours both in Studio Foundation and in the Computer Arts Center in order for you to complete your work. The Godine Library has computers for researching and writing papers. Email and online storage: MassArt uses Gmail as its enterprise email system for all students, faculty, and staff. Accounts are provisioned automatically and are given 30GB of space shared between Gmail and Google Drive.

I need extra help using the Macintosh (or Photoshop, or Adobe Premiere), where can I get some additional help?

First thing you should do is speak with your instructor. Another option is Digital Media Zone (special open lab hours with an expert consultant on duty). One on one sessions can be scheduled (in advance) with Gene Preble, Media Arts Studio Manager at 617-879-7298 or email In addition, the Computer Arts Center runs a variety of workshops throughout the semester. Note: These are quick answers, for specific questions contact your instructor or faculty adviser and for general information use the search box on the right or take a look through the various sections of this web site along the top menu section.