Fall 2017 Studio Manager’s Introduction

Welcome to Studio Foundation! This post describes some of the resources available to you in the Studio Foundation department in support of your digital media assignments in Visual Language and TIME. Please read through this document carefully and if you have any questions, visit the Cage Monitor on duty in the Studio Foundation Cage (South 306). Have a great semester!
This information is available as a two page document in PDF format:  Download PDF

Official Studio Foundation Web Site

We maintain a web site at sf.massart.edu providing news and information related to the department. There you’ll find lab hours, cage policy, handouts, manuals, safety guidelines, and more.

Studio Managers

There are two Studio Managers supporting the department:

Ian Gage is responsible for Form Study, Drawing, the Plaster Room and the Form Study Lab, you may reach him at (617) 879-7381 (office) or email to: iagage@massart.edu

Gene Preble is responsible for the SF Cage, Visual Language, TIME, and the SF Computer Labs, you may reach him at (617) 879-7298 (office) or email to: elpreble@massart.edu.

The SF Cage

You may check out a variety of equipment from room South 306, a.k.a. The SF Cage. Inventory includes digital cameras, video camcorders, tripods, lighting kits, audio recorders, DVDs, books, sewing machines, toolboxes, rulers, drawing boards, a slide projector, overhead projector, etc.

Please read carefully the cage policy on the web site. When you borrow equipment from the cage you implicitly agree to abide by the cage policy. Standard checkouts are due back the next day by 1:30 pm. Exceptions to the rule are described in the policy. Go to Resources > SF Cage on the web site and you’ll see a page with links to the Equipment Policy, Cage Schedule, FAQ, and more.

To check things out from The SF Cage, you must be registered in a Studio Foundation course. This is determined by our online checkout system. If your name does not appear in the system, it may take up to 24 hours to update our records. Don’t leave it to the last minute to borrow gear for the first time!

Cage Monitors

The folks who work in the cage handle equipment check-ins and check-outs; they are also available to answer questions about the use of the Visual Language labs, working with Photoshop, video editing with Premiere, printing, and the gear available from the cage. For advanced questions, don’t hesitate to contact one of the Studio Managers or visit Digital Media Zone (described below).

Open Lab Hours

Lab hours are Monday – Thursday 8am – 10:00pm South 306 (the SF Cage and vestibule). South 305 will be available when demand dictates. The latest schedule information is on the Studio Foundation web site at Resources > SF Cage > Open Lab Hours. Additional lab resources include the Computer Arts Center on the 3rd floor of Tower. More information on these labs can be found at inside.massart.edu and navigating to: Technology > Computer Labs and Campus Resources.

Printing Stations and Additional iMacs

In addition to open lab times, workstations for printing, scanning, or working with Photoshop are located in and around the SF Cage. These workstations are available whenever the SF Cage is open; printing takes priority over other uses. If you need to print to the large format Canon ink-jet printers, you’ll have to use one of the workstations in the SF Cage.

Digital Media Workshops

Embedded in the Visual Language and TIME courses are a series of Digital Media Workshops. These sessions cover digital media skills including digital photography, working with Photoshop, scanning, printing to the color lasers/ink-jet photo printers, videography and video editing with Adobe Premiere. The workshops offer you an opportunity to develop the digital media skills required to complete digital media assignments in Visual Language and TIME, as well as your ongoing work. Your Visual Language/TIME teacher, or an additional instructor will administer these workshops. Resources related to the Digital Media Workshops are available by visiting the website and choosing Resources > Visual Language or Resources > TIME on the SF web site.

Digital Media Zone

Digital Media Zones are special open lab hours that are staffed with a digital media specialist—they can answer your questions and show you basic digital media techniques. This semester, Digital Media Zones will be held Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6:45pm to 9:45pm, in South 305. The schedule will be posted in the SF Cage. This is the best time to come in and work on your assignments or catch up if you missed a Digital Media Workshop..

One-on-One Sessions

If you need more help with digital media techniques, or would like an in-depth demonstration of a specific piece of gear, you may schedule a one-on-one session with Gene Preble, the Media Arts Studio Manager, by visiting the SF Cage or calling (617) 879-7298 to make an appointment.

Technology Requirements

Both the Visual Language and TIME classes have technology requirements. These will be discussed further in each class, however, the essentials are:
1. Basic Computer Skills (Visual Language & TIME) You are expected to have proficiency in basic computer skills before attending the Visual Language class. Using digital cameras, working in Photoshop (Visual Language), printing, and editing with Premiere (TIME) will all be covered in class and/or Digital Media Zone.
2. USB Flash Drive (Visual Language & TIME)You are required to purchase at least one 4GB or larger USB flash drive, the larger the capacity, the better. You must bring the drive to class every day, as all projects must be stored on your own media. Flash drives are available from the MassArt Bookstore, as well as general stores around campus (e.g. Walgreens in Brigham Circle, CVS in the Longwood Medical Area). Please be careful, drives are small and easy to lose! There is a lost and found fish bowl in the Cage for drives that have lost their owners. 
3. Hard Drive (TIME only) USB flash drives, in most cases, do not offer the capacity and data transfer speed required for video editing. If you are taking TIME this semester, you are required to obtain an external bus powered hard drive with at least 120 GB of space. USB 3 or Thunderbolt connector interfaces are best but USB 2 will work, nothing else will work in our labs without an adaptor. 5400, 7200, and 10,000 RPM as well as SSD will all work. Your drive must be formatted for use on a Macintosh (i.e., HFS+). If you need help formatting a new drive please ask for assistance in the SF Cage. A drive with multiple interfaces is a good idea if you plan on doing a lot of video work, as you will have many ways to interface with various computers and connectors.
Please feel free to stop by the SF Cage with any questions you might have regarding Technology Requirements.

Additional Resources 

Tech Central Tech Central, located on the 3rd floor of Tower, is a separate facility that provides general computing support and equipment check out with a different inventory and set of policies. This is the place to go for help with NetID or PaperCut problems. Go to inside.massart.edu and navigate to: Menu > Student Life > Technology > Tech Central for more information.
Educational Discounts Student pricing is available on several hardware and software products. For purchasing information go to inside.massart.edu and navigate to: Menu > Student Life > Technology > Technology Resources > Purchasing Deals.