Amber Vistein

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”40″] Amber Vistein is a composer and sound artist whose work frequently takes the form of immersive multimedia installation and electronically mediated live performance. She capitalizes on sound’s ability to transport the listener to a fictional space. In order to articulate the enfolded complexity of a sonic world, she simultaneously incorporates elements of field recording, narrative, theatre, and music.
Most specifically, she is increasingly curious about the possibilities of inhabited fictional space. She is interested in the role of the voice within acoustic ecology and utilizes text—fragmented, narrative, spoken, sung—to investigate language’s role in constructing affect, interiority, and identity. In order to anchor inhabiting, her work often accedes beyond sound to a counterpoint of auditory, visual, and tactile modes of sensing—invoking the sensorial interplay of the lived body. In her work, the senses alternately become sites of disconnect, transparency, and complementarity.
The concept of music itself is a construction that tunes the attention of the listener, orienting them towards which aspects of a heard environment to consider and which ones to dismiss. In Amber’s work, the inclusion of (altered) field recordings, layering of acoustic arenas, use of breath, and implication of multiple senses creates a living acoustic space with an expanded—but inclusive—set of sonic concerns that requires the listener to adapt a different orientation; and dynamically confront the boundaries and intersections between modalities of listening.