Edward Monovich

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Edward Monovich (b. 1970 Kalamazoo, Michigan) lives and works in Belmont, Massachusetts. He has worked with media that directly involve the viewer for the past 12 years. Interactive works utilize viewer graffiti, connect-the-dots, pin the tail on the donkey, paper dolls, pop-up levers, secret doors, hidden text and magnets. Monovich invited viewers to complete the first “graffiti collaboration,” at The Drawing Center in New York. These projects are ongoing and have traveled and changed to adapt to their new environments. Viewer contributions and interactions are archived. The birth of participatory qualities in his work occurred while studying in Sierra Leone, West Africa. There, Monovich witnessed powerful secular and sacred rituals involving masqueraded performers. The presence of audience participation, elaborate costumes, hybrid humans and performative elements in his drawings, find their roots in these experiences. Monovich received his MFA from the University of Texas at Austin in 1996. His works have exhibited in Colombia, England, Belgium, Italy, New York, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida, Colorado and Michigan.