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Veronique d’Entremont (born Boston, 1983) is a Los Angeles-based artist and teacher with an investment in collaborative practice, critical pedagogy and community organizing. Veronique works in a variety of media, including sculpture, performance and sound.  Through her work, she seeks to better understand the ways in which we are shaped by the architectural, social and personal spaces we inhabit, how we continually reshape these spaces, and how we can reate alternatives when established systems fail us. Veronique considers sculptural processes of production as allegories for social and psychological phenomenon, and explores this idea through experimental methods of casting, forming and other sculptural systems of reproduction.  These invented systems inevitably lead to accidents that could readily be perceived as failures, but coping with and recovering from the failure of these systems becomes a sculptural challenge, and Veronique's solutions involve elaborate scaffolding, prosthesis and other types of "external" support. Veronique exhibits primarily in independent and collectivity-operated art spaces in Los Angeles and elsewhere. She received her BFA in 2006 from Massachusetts College of Art and was a founding member of The Iron Guild, a collaborative project that began the tradition of iron casting at Massart in 2003.  She received her MFA from UCLA in 2012 in Sculpture, and was a 2012 recipient of the Joan Mitchell MFA Fellowship.  Veronique is a visiting lecturer in the Studio Foundations and Art Education departments at Massachusetts College of Art. See more of d'Entremont's work here.