Macintosh VGA Adapters

Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapters

These are used to adapt video out on the current generation of PowerBooks and iMacs to the VGA cable on projectors.        

DVI to VGA Adapters

dvi-to-vgaThese are used to connect Power Mac G5s, Mac Pros, Powerbook G4 silver (15″ & 17”), and MacBook Pro (15″ & 17″ silver) to the VGA cable on projectors. Newer Mac Books, including the 2008 MacBook (silver w glossy screen, not white one) and 2008 15″ MacBook Pro. use a new Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter instead.      

Mini-DVI to VGA Adapters

mini-dvi-to-vgaThese are used to connect the iMacs in the labs and 12″ Powerbook silver and 13″ MacBook (white or black) to the VGA cable on projectors.

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