Microphone Kits

The following microphone kits are available from the Studio Foundation cage:

Small Shotgun Kit

shotgun-mic (A-01-AK, A-02-AK, A-03-AK, A-04-AK, A-05-AK) These kits include: a. Sennheiser MKE400 w/ foam windscreen (a fully charged AAA battery installed), b. Microphone extension cable, c. Rycote windjammer (for using with microphone in windy conditions), d. shoe adapter (for using the microphone mounted on the Canon VIXIA HF M300 camcorder), e. pistol grip for the microphone (used for hand-holding the microphone or for mounting the microphone on a boom pole, which can be checked out separately from the cage). The Sennheiser MKE400 has a 3.5mm mini-plug compatible with the Canon VIXIA HF M300 camcorder.

Lapel Microphone Kit

lavalier-mic(A-06-AK, A-07-AK, A-08-AK, A-09-AK, A-10-AK) These kits include: a. Audio Technica ATR3350 lapel (a.k.a. lavaliere) microphone (with battery installed), b. foam windscreen, c. lavaliere windjammer for use in windy conditions (place over foam windscreen), d. clip, e. spare battery. Please don’t forget to turn the microphone off after using it.

Sound Accessories

  • Boom Poles
  • Y-Cable (for using two separate microphones with the Canon VIXIA HFM300 Camcorder
  • Headphones

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