Cage Policies

Studio Foundation Cage Equipment Checkout Policies

Before borrowing from the Cage, you should first be aware of our policies. Improperly following our policies and conditions may result in you losing your ability to use the Cage facilities and equipment!
  1. To check equipment in or out of the Cage, you must present a valid MassArt ID with a current semester sticker.
  2. If you do not have a class in Studio Foundation you cannot use the SF Cage facilities or equipment.
  3. Your equipment checkout is always automatically scheduled to be returned on the following business day by 1:30PM; an extension of an additional day may be requested and in most cases granted (i.e., two business days, by 1:30PM).
  4. You are allowed to checkout a maximum of three separate items simultaneously.
  5. If you damage or lose equipment you will be liable for its repair or replacement. You will not be held responsible for any equipment failure or damage that was incurred before your checkout was processed. The SF Cage will not check out damaged equipment to you.
  6. Due to the high demand for our equipment the SF Cage uses a “two-strike” system:
    1. Your first late return is considered a warning. We all make mistakes, that’s why we give you this one. This late is “strike one”.
    2. On your second late return – “strike two”, a permanent hold is placed on your SF Cage account in WebCheckOut. You will have permanently lost your privileges in the SF Cage. These “strikes” and subsequent holds affect only your ability to check out equipment from the Studio Foundation Cage and applies nowhere else on campus.
  7. A one-day checkout can be renewed just once, for an additional business day (by 1:30PM the following business day). If it was initially borrowed over the weekend, or borrowed for longer than a day, it cannot be renewed at all.
  8. Do not call or e-mail the cage to renew equipment—you must physically bring the equipment in before it can be checked out again.
  9. Reserving equipment is highly encouraged; this is the best way to make sure that the equipment you are requesting will be available at the time that you need it! Reservation requests can be made via email or telephone, but they must be verified by the monitor in order for the reservation to be guaranteed–this request can only be granted once it has been verified.
  10. All reservations expire after 30 minutes from the scheduled pickup time. Reservations cannot be guaranteed once they expire.
  11. Animation Stands can be reserved for a total of three hours at a time. A patron’s reservation is always prioritized; any student using the stand without a reservation may be bumped. 
  12. Only Compass students are allowed to borrow Compass equipment. This may be for a maximum period of three weeks. This period does not apply when Compass students enrolled in Studio Foundation classes are checking out Studio Foundation equipment.
  13. Students are permitted to checkout equipment over Thanksgiving and Spring Break, but all equipment checked out over these breaks must be returned on the first business day following the break by 1:30PM.
  14. Students are not allowed access to faculty-only equipment unless granted special permission by faculty or staff.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at, or call the Studio Foundation Cage Helpline at (617) 879 7021.

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