Time-based work is an important element of contemporary fine art and design and is fundamental to all art and design studio majors.  Working in a wide range of media, students are introduced to basic concepts of art and design in time. Students will develop an understanding of temporal concerns across a wide range of time-based work including narrative, performative, spatial, tactile, and digital approaches.  

Assignments direct students in creating works that utilize attributes of time and movement; elements of serial, sequential, and narrative ordering; still and moving image production and editing; sound and image relations; and narrative and non-narrative approaches.  Students will complete a final independent project in a time-based media of their choice.  They will be introduced to the fundamental strategies used in art and design fields to conceptualize, produce, and present an independently conceived project.

TIME courses are thematically driven, creating opportunities for Studio Foundation students in their spring semester to choose a topic of interest to investigate deeply for the semester. Recent themes have included: Thinking Food, Make Em Laugh, Personal Voice, Everyday City, Nature Now, Word and Image, and Music to Visual Art. 

Course number:  SFDN191

  • Course Number: SFDN186
  • Enrollment: Departmental Requirement
  • Prerequisites: Visual Language
  • Semester: Spring
  • Type: Hybrid Studio / Critique (5hrs)