TIME Digital Media Workshops and Handouts

The following handouts are provided to support the Digital Media Workshop sessions that take place in TIME classes. Links in the form of “Download PDF” will download a PDF document. If you choose to print any of these handouts, please print then double-sided to conserve paper. Both the Color and B&W laser printers in the Studio Foundation department Cage and Labs are capable of double sided printing. If you have any questions regarding double sided printing, ask your teacher, teaching assistant, or cage monitor.

Session 1: Sound

  • Recording audio with the SF audio kits, 2-up for printing (Download PDF)
  • Recording audio with the SF audio kits, slide presentation (Download PDF)
  • Overview of Sound Accessories (Download PDF)

Session 2: Camera, Light, and Tripod

  • Canon VIXIA HF M300 Camcorder Handout (Download PDF)
  • Canon VIXIA HF M300 Camcorder Manual (Download PDF) Note: links in the printed “Quick Guide” manual available for check out from the Cage refer to pages in this PDF document.
  • Lighting Handout (Download PDF)

Session 3: Editing

  • Introduction to Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro (Download PDF), this is a beta draft, a revised document will be available after February 14, 2013
  • Many excellent software tutorials are available on Lynda.com (this link takes you to the log-in page, which requires a MassArt NetID, from there search for “Adobe Premiere”)

Session 4: Special Topics and/or Additional Editing Topics

Additional Resources
Older Equipment

  • Roland R-09HR Audio Recorder Manual (Download PDF), newer model
  • Roland R-05 Audio Recorder Manual (Download PDF), newest model
  • Comparison chart: R-09/R-09HR/R-05 audio recorders (Download PDF)

Handouts from the Animation Department: