Digital Media Resources for Visual Language

Visual Language Handouts

  • Photography with the Nikon D3300: An Introductory Guide (DOWNLOAD)
  • Photoshop Basics 1: Digital Photography / Photo Project (DOWNLOAD)
  • Photoshop Basics 2: Digital Compositing / Design Project (DOWNLOAD

Digital Photography

  • Tips and Tricks and Camera Functions: Nikon D3300 (link)
  • DSLR Basics: Nikon (link)
  • Digital Camera Basics (DOWNLOAD
  • Importing Images: Image Capture ( DOWNLOAD)
  • Image Quality and Viewing (DOWNLOAD)
  • Contact Sheet: Mac Preview (video link)
  • Basic lighting: 





  • VL Photoshop Tutorial Playlist on (click here)
  • Photoshop Tutorial: Adobe (link) 


Photoshop Basics: PDF

  • Photoshop: Workspace (DOWNLOAD)
  • Photoshop: Double Exposure w/ Layers (DOWNLOAD)
  • Photoshop: Collage (DOWNLOAD
  • Photoshop: Cloning (DOWNLOAD)
  • Photoshop: Dodge & Burn (DOWNLOAD)
  • Photoshop: Histogram (DOWNLOAD)
  • Photoshop: Tonal Scale (DOWNLOAD)
  • Photoshop: Working w/ Layer Masks (DOWNLOAD)
  • Example Files for 22A: Photoshop: Working w/ Layer Masks (DOWNLOAD) (Zip Archive)
  • Photoshop: Working w/ Quick Masks (DOWNLOAD)
  • Photoshop: Color, Additive and Subtractive (DOWNLOAD)
  • Photoshop: Color Analysis (DOWNLOAD)
  • Photoshop: Adjusting color with curves (DOWNLOAD)
  • Photoshop: Line drawing (DOWNLOAD)
  • Photoshop: Shapes and fill (DOWNLOAD)
  • Photoshop: Drawing curves (DOWNLOAD)
  • Photoshop: Tracing images (DOWNLOAD)
  • Photoshop: Text (missing link)

Additional Support:

coming soon…



Visual Language Digital Media Resources LEGACY

The following handouts and pages are older documents used in past semesters with the Visual Language Digital Media Workshop sessions. These documents are now obsolete but are available here for a limited time for reference purposes. Links in the form of “link” are links to pages on this site, and links in the form of “PDF” will download a PDF document, and ppt will download a PowerPoint document. External links are identified as “Link to external page.” In addition to the hand-outs and links listed on this page, you have access to all of the online tutorials on (link to Log In page, requires MassArt NetID)

Scanning & File Formats


  • Printing in Studio Foundation (Download PDF)
  • Printing B&W on Canon iPF5100 Inkjet Printers  (Download PDF)
  • Create a PDF with Bridge in order to print multiple images per page from a single document (Download PDF)

Digital Photography


Presenting your work

  • Creating a PDF Slide show with Photoshop CS5 and Bridge CS5 (Handout, Download PDF)
  • Create web galleries and PDFs with Adobe Output Module (External Web Link, Adobe CS5 Product Support Pages)
  • Contact Sheets in Photoshop CS5 (link to external page, Tip Squirrel)

Some color resources

Self Assessment and more…

  • Photoshop Explorations, self-assessment (Download PDF)
  • Files for Photoshop Explorations above (Download ZIP archive)
  • MassArt
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